wholesale distributors and suppliers of baby and kids clothing, children's apparel, toddler clothing and infant clothes. Bambini is committed to provide our customers with high-quality, 100% cotton layette garments and accessories. We sincerely thank all of our loyal customers for their valued support.

Based in Orange County, California offers a complete Baby Clothing Collection of Infant Layette garments and accessories.

Bambini is continually focusing on expanding their outreach and notability in the baby clothing realm and has set a standard in the industry for superior quality fabrics and garments throughout our lines, Private Label and Custom Orders.

Wholesale Drop Shipping of Boutique Baby and Children's Wholesale Clothing & Gifts Infant Blanks is a Manufacturer of Knitted Infant Garments and Accessories. We supply Blanks for Promotional Products, Embroidery and Screen Printers.

We do custom and private label orders in any color. We provide a large range of Infant Blanks available mulitple colors.

Infant Blanks provides the highest quality, service and delivery with the most competitive prices offered in the industry.

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